Best way to deal with customers legal texts

Ogous Chan Ali
1 min readFeb 1, 2023

When adding legal texts prepared by customers, such as terms of use and privacy policy to websites, chaotic processes are usually involved. Documents used in the preparation of these texts have these common unwanted characteristic:

doc, docx are format with embedded styles on them, it is not possible to get outputs such as html&css, .md automatically. Developers often have to manually edit these long texts to display them properly on the web.

Tracking changes to a document can easily turn into a hell. There is no control system when many people intervene in these documents with 3rd party services such as law and public relations that the customer receives.

Solution: Encouraging customers to use modern rich text editing platforms like Notion.


  • Customers can easily use them without hassle
  • They can keep the history of changes
  • These services have user management systems
  • They can output HTML and MD and can be use on rendering with a click of a button, also remote content can be retrieved via API.
  • These services generally have generous free tiers